Yerushalmit Movement Projects

We work with local residents from all sectors at the communal, neighborhood and city-wide levels through the model of community organizing, which we adapt to meet the particular needs of each community and space. Our projects grow and develop in tandem with the rapid changes of Israeli society and prove themselves over time. Along the way we build connections and partnerships with activists and volunteers who join us in growing our unfolding initiatives.

New Civil Society Force

New Civil Society Force

Since 2015, the Yerushalmit Movement has been active in building a new civil society force through the method of community organizing in Gilo, Har Homa and Kiryat Menachem neighborhoods of Jerusalem. The project aims to create inter-sectoral community through finding shared needs and building the awareness of the common good. Our in house community organizer builds relationships with residents through one on one conversations and continues with the leaders that emerge and the issues that are most widely shared and relevant. With them he creates a task force which narrows down the focus issue, and then we provide the group with resources to build campaigns to advocate for their needs. We work in partnership with professionals and politicians in the Municipality and Government offices to ensure that services meet the needs of communities who use them. For more information please click here.

Women Changing Jerusalem

Women Changing Jerusalem aims to create a diverse women’s network of residents who represent the entire spectrum from ultra-Orthodox to secular, and who work together for the good of all the residents in the neighborhood. Women’s groups meet for a series of intimate and enriching meetings in which they get to know each other, learn basic tools of community organizing, identify shared needs and find solutions together. At the end of the process, the group produces a “community building event” in the public sphere highlighting their shared need. The event is open and inviting to all of the neighborhood residents. For more information click here.

Meeting Place

The Meeting Place in Zion Square

Since the murder of Shira Banki we run the “Meeting Place” project in Zion Square in Shira’s memory. Every week on Thrusday nights we occupy a section of the square in the heart of Jerusalem, and host facilitated dialogue circles that build bridges between different communities and sectors. We use the public space as an opportunity to create spontaneous and meaningful encounters between people from different backgrounds who otherwise might never meet, and give them an opportunity to voice their opinions and be heard. Outside the dialogue circles, we hold standing face-to-face encounters that are often heated, and our activists guide these conversations from hostility and conflict to mutual respect and civility. The Meeting Place allows us to meet the other and share the public space together. For more information click here.


Beralle was created as part of the effort to strengthen the diversity of Jerusalem’s public places and allow young secular families to connect to Jerusalem on Shabbat. Beralle Shabbat events create spaces where people can meet and spend their leisure time together in an environment enriched with activities and culture, such as creative workshops, theater performances, storytelling, games, juggler and clown performances and more. For more information click here.

Movie Time

During the summer months the Yerushalmit Movement screens children’s and family movies in different neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Children come in their pajamas to a space near their apartment complex or to a local public park and watch movies under the stars with popcorn. The screenings are open to all and are free of charge. For more information click here.

Voice of the People

Yershalmit March

Since 2013 the Yerushalmit Movement marks Jerusalem Day by stressing that Jerusalem is loved in many ways, by the full spectrum of her inhabitants. The Yeruhsalmit March invites all Jerusalemites to celebrate their unique love for the city. Jerusalem is home to all her residents, a microcosm of Israeli society as a whole and a source of cultural, moral, and artistic inspiration. For more information click here.

Public Campaigns

The Yerushalmit Movement promotes the values of community and living together through social action. Jerusalem is filled with many challenges and conflicts that often make it difficult for people to live side by side. We identify these local conflicts and mobilize to take appropriate steps that call on leadership to act with responsibility, tolerance, and recognition of the particular needs of each community. For more information click here.