Beralle & “Chai BaSeret”

Community events in the Public Space play a key role in building community. People come out of their homes to relax, have fun, to think together, discover and discuss things they have in common or just simply to meet one another and have a sense of belonging to something greater.

A unique project, Beralle aims to transform Public Spaces on Shabbat into places of community and encounter. The Yerushalmit Movement initiated Beralle over a decade ago, recognizing the need for Shabbat to be a day of opportunities to get together and for community connection, not just for the orthodox religious sector but also for secular and traditional communities. The projects’ founders, both religious and secular, internalized both the importance of community gathering and the necessity of social collaboration with the religious sector to address this need. Over the last ten years thousands of young families have attended these events and continue to do so today, testifying to the demand for this program and its centrality as an anchor for cultural and community life for young, non-religious families.

“Chai BaSeret” also came to fruition as a response to the need for community building, in this case over the long hot summer. Young families, children and parents together, meet up in the Public Space, often wearing their pyjamas, to enjoy popcorn and a movie. Bringing back the atmosphere of “the good old days”, “Chai BaSeret” offers the opportunity for different sectors to create community, to gather together with friends in their familiar, local shared space for an evening of entertainment.

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