Building A New Civil Society Force

Cross-sectoral and inter-group partnerships to create an effective grassroots force for social action and enacting change, as our primary activity in Jerusalem’s neighborhoods.

In conjunction with the Shaharit Institute, we embarked on a lengthy process involving working with people in the field, in close proximity to their homes and face to face with their needs. We gradually form and empower groups of activists to tackle neighborhood issues, from public transportation for youth, to sanitation, the need for preschools and beyond– whatever the residents of the area choose to prioritize. We come to a collective understanding of the challenges, from a variety of perspectives, study and grapple with them and formulate potential solutions. It is not a quick fix or a speedy process. It cannot and does not happen overnight, but happen it does. It is at that point that we reach a stage of having created empowered and motivated groups of activists who work for the common good rather than being driven by a particular or self-engaged sectoral perspective.

Our team consists of professional community organizers specifically trained in this model of community organizing.

We seek out neighborhood activists who wish to affect and improve day to day life for local residents.

We work to mentor and support groups of social activists with their initiatives, ensuring that all sectors’ needs are taken into account.

Come and meet Nir Zoarez, The Yerushalmit Movement’s community organizer (through our partnership with the Shaharit Institute).

Contact us and find out more about our activity in Har Homa, Gilo and Kiryat Menachem and our plans for expanding our efforts.

We would love to hear from you and be able to respond to neighborhood residents interested in promoting and engaging in neighborhood activism.