Meeting Place

The Meeting Place facilitates direct and informal encounters with the ‘other’ in the diverse streets of Jerusalem, in Zion Square. Using the tools of dialogue circles and non-violent communication, our weekly events directly engage prejudice and fear through non-curated face-to-face confrontation between people from different sectors of Jerusalem civil society. We began as a grassroots response to the attack on the LGBT community and the murder of Shira Banki in 2015, and have grown into a “brave space” for difficult dialogue on many issues affecting Israeli society.

Planning a guided tour of Jerusalem? We can host your group!
Whether a planned part of an itinerary or a spontaneous event, we host a broad spectrum of groups including pre-military preparatory programs, leadership programs, Youth Movements, teachers and educational teams and delegations, as well as missions from abroad. Groups that come to “Meeting Place” in Zion Square have a refreshing and challenging learning experience, an unparalleled opportunity to directly experience Jerusalem and her Peoples.
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Commemorating the anniversary of the murder of Shira Banki z”l

August 2017 marks the second anniversary of the murder of Shira Banki, a teenage girl who was stabbed during the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem. In conjunction with Shira’s family and activists from the “Shira Banki’s Way” initiative we will be holding an inclusive event that will host opinion makers and leading figures in the religious and artistic arenas. The Banki family is dedicated to transforming Shira’s memorial into an impetus for educating about tolerance, moderation, dialogue and non-violent conflict resolution and we are honored to work together with them throughout the year.

“Promoting good denounces evil.”

“Meeting Place” is practical experience of dialogue in the Public Space.

The anniversary event connects and combines these two goals.

Want to know more about this year’s anniversary event? …. Details coming soon.