New! Transformative Dialogue Training Program

Call for Brave Facilitators and Activists: Transformative Street Dialogue Training with Renowned Facilitator Sharon Leshem Zinger

Exciting New Supplementary Training Program for Social Engagement in the Public Sphere through Street Dialogue

Chosen participants will learn necessary tools to jumpstart your participation as a facilitator and/or activist in the cutting edge of conflict transformation in Jerusalem. The program will combine classroom instruction and hands-on field work, with a focus in the following areas:

  • Non-reactive listening and it’s importance for understanding the environment
  • Facilitation through working with a “double” in order to expanding our ability to listen and contain the ‘other’
  • “The unity of the opposites,” as theory and a method for for charged and polarized dialogue
  • “Standing Encounters”; Facilitation tools for individual encounters in the public space

Are you a professional facilitator?

Take your skills as a professional facilitator to the next level will supplemental training for the rugged and spontaneous conditions of the street. Invest your talent to facilitate difficult dialogue between vastly different people while creating a tolerant and open space for encounter in the heart of Jerusalem.

Are you an activists working for social change through dialogue?

Gain valuable skills and immersion in the Meeting Place platform for social engagement and conflict transformation. Use your passion for change and love for Jerusalem to bring your voice to the city square. Build bridges across differences through modeling compassionate communication.

Who Are We?

The Meeting Place is a project of the Yerushalmit Movement, a civil society organization dedicated to building a “community of communities” in Jerusalem. Since the murder of Shira Banki ז”ל in 2015 we aim to transform public spaces into meeting places, starting in Zion Square, through face to face encounters.

Your Trainer:

Sharon Leshem Zinger has 30 years of experience in the field of facilitation and conflict management. She serves as Director of the Training School for Group Facilitators for Colot Banegev at Sapir Academic College. She is Co-founder and Co-director of “Siach Shalom”, and for the past decade has been a teacher in the Conflict Management and Resolution Program at Ben Gurion University.

Full Program:


4 sessions, 5 hours each consisting of 3 hours of professional group training followed by 2 hours of hands on training in Zion Square with Meeting Place activists Sarah Weil, Dalia Y. Weil, Dani Kahn, Dina Weiner, and Uria Ben Brit.
Dinner will be provided for all 4 sessions

  • Dates: 30.11, 7.12, 14.12, 21.12
  • Class sessions: 17:00-20:00
  • Group Dinner break: 20:00-21:00
  • Hands-on training in Zion Square: 21:00-23:00


Participants are required to participate in at least 6 ‘Meeting Place’ events in 2018 Peer supervision and professional guidance provided by Meeting Place activists and the Yerushalmit Movement


Each participant will receive full sponsorship with a required symbolic contribution of 150nis

Upon completion of the training program (course and internship), participants will receive a certificate from The Yerushalmit Movement and “Colot Banegev at Sapir Academic College”

No CV required, just your awesomeness! If relevant we will contact you for an in-person interview. We are accepting a maximum of 15 participants.

This training has been made possible by the generous partnership of the ROI Community, Leichtag Foundation, and Shira Banki’s Way.

Deadline to Apply: November 16th

For more information contact Sarah Weil at