Public Campaigns: 50 Reasons for Hope

To create a new reality, in addition to formulating and implementing solutions in the field, we must impact public awareness. We are therefore actively platforming and conveying our vision of a “Community of Communities”, both in the Media and in the Public Space, making our voice and message heard.

This year’s campaign theme is “The 50th Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem – 50 years on from 1967”

For large parts of Israeli society, this year is a year of joy, of unification, of redemption. A totally festive Holiday and reason to celebrate!

For others, the year brings up complex issues and involves confronting challenging questions and consequences. For some it is painful.

We assumed that media coverage would be polarized to each end of the spectrum, but came to understand that for Jerusalemites their reality is far more complex and nuanced. Their reality is the product of social creativity, local leadership and neighborhood activism that defies borders and definitions. We decided to tell their story.

Together with “Reshut Harabim” we chose fifty stories out of the hundreds that reached us, bringing to the public eye the incredible activists, social initiatives and organizations that work each and every day to make Jerusalem a better place for all.

We researched each story and profile, wrote scripts, filmed clips, edited them, created a montage of videos and promoted them through social, new and old media. We created a website packed with the most current, innovative and engaging educational and artistic materials. We have gathered a wealth of inspiration so that we can ensure that both Jerusalemites, Israelis and Diaspora Jewry knows that our Jerusalem is a city of hope.

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