Women Changing Jerusalem

Local, inter-sectoral neighborhood encounters for women that provide a platform for collaborative activism both on a local and municipal level.

Our working model for “Women Changing Jerusalem” was developed together with our partner, The “Mashehu Mashehu” Theater Company. It is rooted in our understanding of the centrality of developing relationships as a base for building up a cross-sectoral civil society force.

We bring together local, active women, from all backgrounds and sectors, who seek to improve quality of life and shared society in their neighborhood. The women go through a group process of personal learning, growth and encounter over a course of 8-10 meetings. Group participants are exposed to community organizing principles as a central tool for creating impact, dealing with issues that concern the neighborhood, and work together to create and implement solutions.

We believe that gender based collaboration creates infrastructure that is critical for cross-sectoral and inter-group awareness and understanding.
Are you involved in social action in the City, or in your local neighborhood? Do you want to form a group of activists to tackle a specific issue in your area? Contact us! We are ready to assist you in setting up a group and / or expanding existing groups.