Who We Are

About the Movement

The Yerushalmit Movement believes in a vision of Jerusalem as a “Community of communities”, a city in which each community maintains its identity while living side by side with other communities, in peace.

This vision is dependent on each community having a sense of security through the recognition of their right to exist, the provision of their unique needs and leadership that advocates for the community with a political awareness of the “common good”.

The Yerushalmit Movement believes that cross-sectoral activism allows for social actors from different communities to rise above narrow sectarianism to create a broader joint vision rooted in shared needs. Through mutual cooperation, empathy and tolerance, communities can work together to forge shared victories, without a victory for one being at the expense of another.

The Movement works directly with residents of different Jerusalem neighborhoods using the model of “community organizing” to improve the wellbeing of all of Jerusalem’s residents through: identifying local community leadership, mapping the needs of residents and giving them the tools to organize themselves and advocate for their rights from the relevant municipal institutions, all the while promoting an ethos of shared society.
The Yerushalmit Movement fosters a shared and diverse public sphere in which every person and every community feels at home.



Einat Levy

Executive Director

Einat is an organizational consultant with professional specializations in leadership development and alliance building between…

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Yaara Ketz Feiner

Deputy Director

Yaara was born in Jerusalem and lives and breathes Jerusalem life together with her husband and daughter. Stemming from…

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Sarah Weil

Development Director, Director of “Meeting Place”

Sarah is passionate about Israel and transforming conflict through dialogue and social activism. She serves as Development Director of the…

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Nir Zoaretz

Community Organizer

A dedicated community activist in heart and soul, Nir serves as Chief Community Organizer for the Yerushalmit Movement. His work focuses on…

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Racheli Hazon Tesler

Community Coordinator

Racheli Hazon Tesler is married to Yahav and together they live in Jerusalem. She holds a BA is Community Theater from Tel Aviv University…

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Ada Leibowitz

Office Manager

Ada has been a Jerusalemite since age 7, after making Aliya from Romania, where she was born. She is married to Natan, with 4 children and…

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Board of Directors


Alon Mor – Chairperson

Alon is Chair of the Board of Directors of the Yerushalmit Movement. He also serves as board member of the Beeri program of the Shalom…

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Marik Stern

arik is a research fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, a lecturer at the Open University, and an activist building common…

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Tehila Friedman-Nachalon

Tehila Friedman-Nachalon is a founding member of the Yerushalmit Movement and a permanent member of the Board of Directors. She is the…

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Yifat Zilberman

Yifat is Director of the Beit Midrash and “Learning Together” program of Elul. She graduated from the Bezalel School of Art and holds an MA is…

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Efrat Aran

Efrat is married with three children and has a joint MBA from Tel Aviv University and Northwestern University of Chicago, and a BA…

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Faigi Cohen

Faigi Cohen is Superintendent of the Jerusalem ultra-Orthodox school district for the Israel Ministry of Education, overseaing 30…

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Ziyad Jadallah

A resident of Tzur Bacher, Ziyad is an accomplished medic and has served as the Magen David Adom Coordinator for East…

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Shira Katz Winkler

Shira is Program Manager for the Israel office of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. She served previously as Executive Director of…

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​Martin Ben Moreh – Of blessed memory 1949-2017

Martins served as board member of the Yerushalmit Movement. He directed Jewish, Zionist and Israeli Society programming at…

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